Who's behind Coded?

After years of hiding my creative side, trying to fit in and conform to the standards others had defined for me, Coded Energy Co is a creative expression of feminine empowerment. 

It's all the things that I want to say, remind myself and others of and want to scream to the world! 

Hey, My name is Simone, and I am The Energetic Alchemist, Founder of The Disruptors Way and creative behind Coded Energy Co. 

Rebellion has always been in my blood, truth, equality, FREEDOM are all themes of my life. Standing up for the little guy and as much as society, authorities, family, social circles have tried to repress that, hide it and shun/shame it but something happened to me when I hit my 30's and each year it's only grown. 

It was the discovery of who the F I am!

The remembering of my own energy and how freaking powerful we are individually and that is all we need. 

How the systems that I had grown up in were cycling over and over again to keep me small, limited and stuck always wanting more but never really creating it. 

Then I discovered my energetic blueprint, a combination of all things I had come to know, learn and be curious about then with the pulling of the threads, tying it all together and when I did, I never felt so alive, so free and so me! 

I had unlocked a part of me that stopped the conforming and I began down a path of self discovery, awakening and stepping more and more into my personal power. 

Through Coded Energy Co, that is my wish for you! 

BE the person you want to be, life to short to do otherwise! 

Simone x

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